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Fairbanks, Alaska

The next AARC Club Meeting will be Friday November 9.  Please  contact Roger about date/time of the next license test session. A fee of  $15 per session applies.

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Upcoming SRD Special Event

The National Weather Service (KL7FWX) will be again be participating in the 2018 Skywarn Recognition Day (SRD).  The 24 hour Special Event begins Friday November 30 at 3 pm (local).  This is a GREAT event for ALL new hams to see what “operating” Ham radio is all about.  The object is to make contacts and exchange a simple weather report. You do not need a radio license to participate.   All guests are welcome…. to participate or just observe.

About KL7FWX:
The club station is associated with the US National Weather Service located in Fairbanks, Alaska and serves as the Skywarn Special Event station and as the communications center for weather related emergency operations.  It hosts VHF, winlink and HF capability.  NWS uses a Yaesu 950 base station and roof mounted G5RV antenna.  It is the same radio system that was used for Skywarn 2011 when 14 years of records were shattered. For 2018, we’ll be concentrating on two distinct modes; voice / phone and FT8 digital mode.

Please email or otherwise contact Dan KL1JP ( skywarn2018[at]437am[dot]com ) if you are interested in participating.  Please feel free to visit the NWS center during the SRD operations.  The NWS center is located on the 3rd floor of the UAF / IARC building (upper campus).  Entry is through the main front door and across from the parking lot.

For the 2018 SRD event, we’d like to provide the brand new radio operators some needed experience.   Experience is what actually takes you from someone having a Ham license to someone who knows how to operate.

SKYWARN  - A 24 hour special event sponsored and hosted by the National Weather Service and NOAA.  The purpose is for amateur radio stations to exchange information with “other” National Weather Service Stations and Ham Radio operators on 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, 6, VHF using phone, CW, FT8 digital mode as well as Low Earth Orbit satellites.   

SKYWARN Recognition Day serves to celebrate the contributions to public safety made by amateur radio operators during threatening weather.

The building itself may be locked but you can enter the unlocked outer door and call the National Weather Service forecaster (Skywarn phone number on the wall). Someone can walk down one set of stairs and let you in.  The NWS radio room usually monitors the repeater and 146.52/simplex; you may also give the NWS Radio Room a call and someone will open the door for you.  Please be patient… things can get a little hectic when Skywarn is active.