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Fairbanks, Alaska

The next AARC Club Meeting will be Friday November 9.  Please  contact Roger about date/time of the next license test session. A fee of  $15 per session applies.

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Kilo Lima 7 Kilo Charlie

Nets, Nets and More Nets

The below represents only a few of the available more “popular” Nets.  Additionally, there are several very good websites detailing many of the HF Nets and I see no reason to duplicate their effort.  So rather, I’ve included the LINKS to those websites I found up-to-date and helpful.  Please remember that you can always use “google” with search key (alaska+HF+radio+nets) to obtain more information.

Alaska Snipers Net: 6:00 PM local on 3.920 Mhz

Alaska Pacific Net: 8:30 AM local on 14.292 MHz

Alaska Bush Net: 8:00 PM local on  7.093 MHz

You can click on any of the underlined information above to directly access that particular website.

Good Net Links: HF Nets in Alaska

VE7SCC Local Area Nets

In addition to HF Nets, there is the local KL7KC Interior Net which is held every Thursday evening at 7 PM using the Ester Dome Repeater System.  Check in on 146.88 (neg split with 103.5 PL)

Many Nets exist on the IRLP system too.