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Fairbanks, Alaska

The next AARC Club Meeting will be Friday November 9.  Please  contact Roger about date/time of the next license test session. A fee of  $15 per session applies.

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The Gilmore Gold Radio Club Field Day Event Begins Saturday Morning June 24th, 2017 at Pleasant Valley Community Center

The Gilmore Gold Radio Club will be participating in the

American Radio Relay League’s Field Day 2017 event.

This is the premiere amateur radio operating event of the year.  Ham radio operators all over North America leave the comfort of their home stations and set up temporary operations to test their ability to operate with emergency power and antennas.

Field Day starts at 10 AM on Saturday June 24 and runs for 24 hours. The Gilmore Gold Radio Club will be operating at the Pleasant Valley Community Center behind Pleasant Valley Store at mile 23.5 Chena Hot Springs Road.

For more information:

or Larry Ledlow 907-978-0109 or