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Fairbanks, Alaska

The next AARC Club Meeting will be Friday November 9.  Please  contact Roger about date/time of the next license test session. A fee of  $15 per session applies.

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The AARC Outreach   And Mentor Program

AARC member Neal (W7USB) continues to interact with the remote community of Eagle in an effort to teach ham radio classes and mentor individuals who have requested instructional help.  Here are his continuing adventures.

In Eagle, Alaska, something cool happened in September.  Their local teacher Marlys House (KL3ME), and Neal Brown (W7USB) from Fairbanks worked together to create and deliver ham radio related curriculum for 5 to 8 Eagle students so they can become Technician Class licensed radio operators by the spring of 2013.

Sounds simple enough until you realize Eagle is 370 miles from Fairbanks and a 9 hour drive.  Oh…did I mention the Taylor highway, which services Eagle is closed all winter so access is limited to airplane.

Typically, the Technician Class curriculum takes about ten hours but Marlys is dedicating one hour per week for as much as 30 weeks this current school year to motivate students to move forward in their goals.  Marlys and Neal are planning several hands-on activities to go with the Technician Class licensing training.  These include; having students use FRS radios in a simulated Amateur Radio Net Control, building and using crystal radio receivers and learning how to make measurements of electrical parameters such as voltage and current.

The Eagle outreach program continues to be sanctioned by the AARC Board of Directors.


From mid-October until mid-April, the community of Eagle is accessible only by an airplane.  The Taylor highway, the access route to Eagle is not maintained beyond the community of Chicken.

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Helping Our Youth

Route From Fairbanks To Eagle

W7USB’s trip to Eagle

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