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Fairbanks, Alaska

The next AARC Club Meeting will be Friday November 9.  Please  contact Roger about date/time of the next license test session. A fee of  $15 per session applies.

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Beside the normal activities within any ham radio club, AARC has always prided itself in having its membership participate in Fairbanks community affairs, state-wide special radio events, emergency communication services and overseeing sports-oriented safety checkpoints.  For over 25+ years, AARC helped support the world-renown Yukon Quest dog race by providing essential radio communications in remote - bush locations where no communication infrastructure existed.  We did this as proud volunteers, more than willing and able to transport ourselves and our equipment to facilitate any communications necessary to assist.

The club has always been interested in keeping people safe.  When the massive Alaska 9.2 magnitude earthquake occurred in 1964, a contingent of Ham Radio volunteers drove within close proximity to the devastated port of Valdez and relayed life-saving information to both State and Federal agencies.  In all, there were over 50,000 messages handled within the disaster area and to the outside.  This feat was only one of the Public Services rendered by the Alaska Amateur Radio Operators. When the Fairbanks flood of August 1967 occurred, we were there to help. When the earth shook with a 7.9 earthquake in November 2002, yep… we were there. Recently, when the Bering Sea Super storm occurred in November 2011, members of the AARC provided essential communications services for 40 continuous hours between the affected western coastal villages, the Fairbanks and Anchorage Weather Services and several State and Federal agencies.  As corny as it sounds, the AARC will always stand ready to serve their fellow man as best they can.

Today, the club continues to help support activities within our community; the Boy Scouts, Tour de Cure, out-reach mentoring, ham radio special events and a growing number of APRS and digipeater system installations are among our efforts in Interior Alaska.

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ARES, MARS affiliation, National Weather Service, Search & Rescue, CWOP and Storm Spotters and Civil Air Patrol.  Yep...we are involved in many of those.